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Welcome to Veg Love Tees!

This is an evolution of a longtime passion of mine for veganism, and freedom for all animals. I went vegan over 25 years ago, and have been creating and selling veg themed t-shirts since 2004--in boutiques, community markets, select Whole Foods Market stores, and online.

Previously, I rebranded and relaunched as Veg Love Tees in 2016, with a focus on bolder and more inspiring vegan t-shirts. Some designs that I do not keep an inventory of are available on a print-on-demand third-party basis through my Spreadshirt shop. Additional colors may be ordered there as well.

The designs I make are aimed at maximizing empathy and connection--for the wearer of the shirts with those they meet, and for all humans with other animals. I firmly believe that signifying you are vegan to others in a positive way is just as ethically critical for building compassionate communities and saving animals as being vegan itself.

Please feel free to write to me at the email below with any feedback or suggestions! I love to connect with people in all places along the plant-based path and collaborate on how to grow this movement, foster unity & equality, and evolve as a species.

In peace, love and veganism,

Jeff Zick